Leeds Bradford Airport Parking

Getting To Leeds / Bradford Airport

The airport is located at a fairly remote site at Yeadon as a consequence bus and car are the only realistic options although a rail/bus link is available.

By Car

Leeds / Bradford airport is not difficult to find but with no major motorway connection the journey off the M62 from the West and the A1 from the East is by windy A roads subject to a series of traffic lights as you pass through the various villages. If you have to travel through Leeds the outer ring road is always heavily congested with numerous traffic lights and extra time needs to be taken especially during rush hour.





31 miles

58 mins


91 miles

2 hours 3 minutes


11 miles

21 mins


46 miles

1 hour 10 minutes


26 miles

44 mins


22 miles

32 minutes


16 miles

35 minutes


43 miles

1 hour 3 mins


43 miles

59 minutes

By Bus

Metroconnect from Leeds and Bradford city centres. You will need to be sure that the service will cover your arrival and departure times and also those of your connecting buses to these centres.

By Rail

MetroConnect 757 at Leeds bus station and Leeds train station is the only way by rail. The other option are taxis from the rail station although this would be expensive.

Due to the need to transfer from bus to bus or from train to bus the passenger is in for a great deal of carrying and the car is by far the most convenient option.


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